My New Workshop

I finally got settled in my new place and got my workshop ready to use. This is just a rental home with a one-car garage, but it will work for now.

08 July 1999

It's cozy, but everything fits.

Here you can see the smaller table in the background that holds the bandsaw, drill press and sander. Oh, and the glass-top workbench. It is 3/4" thick plate glass from a department store door. Heavy! But very nice for building models since it is very flat and glue won't stick to it. If you look really closely you can see a balsa-wood Hawker Hurricane framework sitting on the bench.

And a view looking toward the place where the first picture was taken. Rudder is out of the way on wall hooks, but still available for fondling. No, that isn't the propeller for my Zodiac! It was given to me by my Uncle. He retrieved it from a mid-forties vintage military target drone that had been shot down by gunners. I have no idea which drone it was used with, but the prop was made by US Propellers. If you know anything about drones of that era, send me an email. I'd love to have a photo of the drone to hang with the prop.

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