Outboard Wing Construction

These photos show the outboard wing under construction. New photos will be added at the top, so start at the bottom and work your way up by date.

04-17 October 1999: Skeleton assembly and top skin....

Skeleton and skin stiffeners primed and ready for skin installation.

Top skin cleco'd in place. Note the 'waves' in the skin near one of the stiffeners. This was corrected by re-crimping the stiffener to better conform to the skin shape.

Me and my wing! Note that all the 'waves' in the skin are gone. The 'milky' appearance of the skin on the rivet lines is caused by using Scotch-Brite after de-burring the holes.

10 - 31 Aug 1999: Fitting the ribs....

Trimming the station 130 nose rib to clear the spar doublers. This seems to be a commonly mis-understood area of the plans.

This is how the station 130 nose rib fits the spar.

Rear rib clamped in place for drilling.

Drilling the rear rib.

Right wing skeleton cleco'd together. Spar extensions not yet in place.

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