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Gary Hornbeck's Zodiac!

Note from 2016: I found out that Gary passed away from cancer in 2001, just two years after I moved back to Texas. His 601 was donated to the St. Louis Aviation Museum.

Fellow Mexico resident Gary Hornbeck and his wife PJ have just about completed their Zodiac HDS! They recently moved it to their hangar at the airport for final assembly, weight and balance and (of course) FAA inspection. Gary installed the Rotax 912S engine, with a Warp Drive propeller. It sounds really good. Seems to have more of a "voice" than the regular Rotax 912. I'll keep y'all informed about his flight testing. He's still waiting for the inspection. UPDATE! On the morning of 14 Aug 99, N61PG took to the Mexico skies with Gary at the controls. Other than an adjustment to the ailerons to correct a slight roll trim issue, Gary reported no problems. Pitch settings for the 70" Warp Drive prop still need to be fine tuned to get the proper engine RPM, but that is to be expected. Congrats, Gary!!

Here's a detail shot of the 912S installation. You can see the airbox (same item as used on the 914, I'm told).

This view shows the cold air scoop grafted into the cowling. There is another scoop on the opposite side of the cowling that feeds the cabin air/heat muff. Contrary to what I originally reported, this is not a scoop from Vans! Gary made the scoop based on dimensions obtained from Tony Bingelis' Sportplane Builder book. It certainly looks store-bought. Nice work.

Overall view of the Zodiac. That's the nose of Gary and PJ's beautiful Cessna Cardinal on the right.

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