Construction Log

Zenith Zodiac 601HD

SN: 6-3951

Builder: Chris Boultinghouse

Date and Comments



01 Aug 99:

Marked and cut lower stabilizer skin to clear forward attach brackets. Laid out rivet pitch on lower stabilizer skin and pre-drilled with #40. Fitted skin to skeleton and shimmed skeleton until level. Drilled all holes #30 and cleco'd.

3.0 hrs


01-05 Aug 99:

Removed lower skin and deburred skin and skeleton. Primed inside of skin (lower half) with zinc oxide. Re-attached to skeleton with clecos then riveted in place.

1.5 hrs


06-08 Aug 99:

Kept making excuses for not marking and drilling upper stabilizer skin until I could figure out a fool-proof way to pre-drill the skin and hit the skeleton! Finally came up with a method and marked, drilled, cleco'd, deburred and riveted the upper stabilizer skin. Ran out of rivets with 14 holes to go! Fiberglass stabilizer tips do not fit. They are much too small. Will not install until I use heat gun or hot water to soften and stretch them to fit stabilizer. Other than this small task, the stabilizer is complete.

5.0 hrs


09 Aug 99:

Received and inventoried HD wing kit.

0.5 hrs


10-31 Aug 99:

Began working on right wing skeleton. Assembled right wing skeleton.

10.0 hrs


Totals to date:

43.5 hrs


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